Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MAC Blush Palette

MAC offers both eyeshadows and blushes to be purchased in "pan form".  The blushes are then placed in a palette shown below.  Blush palettes hold up to 6 blushes.  I currently have 4 blushes.  This is convenient way to store makeup and save space.  A MAC palette is smaller than a DVD case.

Blushes in Palette:
Top L to R: Pink Swoon, Cubic, Springsheen
Bottom L to R: Desert Rose

Pink Swoon- The perfect pink blush, buildable color, perfect for most skin tones.  I highly recommend this color for anyone beginning to buy MAC makeup.

Cubic- A neutral color that I would classify as a pink shade.  I use this a lot as you can tell from the picture.  Great one of a kind blush.  I like wearing it in the dead of winter when I do not have a tan.

Springsheen-  An ideal summer blush with a hint of shimmer.  I think peach blushes look great on darker skin tones.  I love wearing this in the summer when I have a tan :)
Sadly I did not get a chance to use it this summer.  I found myself using MAC products from the Surf Baby collection.  I plan to use it like crazy this week!

Desert Rose- A deep rose color.  It is a nice shade for the fall.  

Swatches on arm from L to R:
Desert Rose, Pink Swoon, Cubic, Springsheen

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Treats

For the past two weeks I have been on vacation!  Thought I would share some fun treats I enjoyed during my time off.

Crumbs Bake Shop Sampler Pack!  I love cupcakes and this box gives you a little taste of the best cupcakes on Crumbs' menu.  For $18 this can be a little pricey but the presentation and taste make it well worth the cost.  Whenever I bring these home the green cupcake which is mint chocolate is never eaten.  No one in my family likes that one.  

Scorpion Bowl!  Last week I went out to dinner with my old roommate from college.  We went to a hip Japanese restaurant/bar.  The picture above is the cool drink we ordered called a Scorpion Bowl.  This bowl is a mixture of all different crap :P ...I'm not even sure what exactly is in it.  I think it is basically fruit punch with five different types of liquor.  The flame in the center is fun to look at.

Even though I did not go anywhere far away I had a great time off.  Monday I return to work!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Favorite Clothing Stores

I wanted to share a few of my favorite stores for clothing.  Lately I find myself only purchasing work clothes.  I have not bought a new pair of jeans in so long!

Kohl's is great for basics.  I buy alot of tops from here.  There is always a great sale, never buy anything full price from Kohl's.

I love Bloomingdale's.  It is my favorite department store of all time.  One the perks of working in NYC is being able to visit Bloomingdale's on my lunch break.  I buy lots of shoes from here especially Sam Edelman.

I love buying dresses from Jones New York.  I usually shop at the Jones New York Factory Store.  Their online website has the same clothes for double the price.  On my last visit I found a dress for $39.99 and I was looking at the same dress online for $99.  The sales associate informed me that their is nothing wrong with the Factory Store pieces they just have outlet prices!

Ann Taylor is my ultimate work apparel store.  All my work suits are from Ann Taylor.  Usually they have some coupons and sales running.

Some other great stores and websites I love to shop at...

Ann Taylor LOFT

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wardrobe Organization

Since graduating college and beginning a "real job" my amount of work clothes has tripled.  It got to a point where my dresser and closet could not fit anything else.  Last month I purchased the wardrobe shown below.

This wardrobe is a great addition to my bedroom.  The design of this piece is great for storage and organization.  Below are more pictures of how I store some of my clothing.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I do not have a digital camera so an iPhone camera will have to do for now.

There are two drawers in this wardrobe.  Both are spacious and hold plenty.  The bottom drawer stores all my denim.  To give you an idea of the drawer's size there are 8 jeans, 2 shorts and 3 capris.

Behind the double doors I have cardigans, dress shirts, skirts, and suits.

Another great storage area is the split mini shelves under the hanging section.  My mom purchased two small bins from Target to help me organize even more.  The one on the left holds scarves and gloves.  I still need to fill the one to the right.

Purchasing this piece put me into a cleaning and organizing mood.  Now I am working on the rest of my room with new storage ideas.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall Shoe Wishlist

I have not had a post since the beginning of June!  I am going to try post at least two times a week.  Let me start with an easy post about my fall shoe wishlist:

Corso Como
San Angelo Quilted Boot
Sam Edelman 
Hera Flat
LC Lauren Conrad
Platform High Heels
 DV Dolce Vita
Briar Pumps
Corso Como
Richmond Riding Boot

**SOLD OUT in my size, anyone know where I can find this exact pair?**

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