Friday, April 15, 2011

Beauty Product Wish List

Listed below are a few beauty products I want to try!

Pink Sugar Hair Perfume
Pink Sugar is cotton candy like scent.  I only have the shower gel I have never tried the perfume.  In a recent Nordstrom catalog this product was featured.  I love the idea of hair perfume and want to try this when I can.  (Price $15.00).

Shiseido Night Cream
The full name of this product is The Skincare- Night Moisture Recharge.  I currently do not use a night cream and I have always heard that skin repairs itself overnight.  The product claims to brighten and even skin texture.  Both are issues I suffer with, hopefully results will be seen if I do decide to try it.  This can be purchased at Macy*s, Bloomingdale's, and other department stores ($42.50).

Garnier Tinted Eye Roller
I have been using Angela's and need to buy my own.  This product really helps conceal dark circles.  I am not sure if it does anything in the long run, but it is quick solution for undereye darkness.  This can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, or any drug store (around $13.00).

Flowerbomb Perfume
I smelt this perfume in a magazine advertisement.  It is described as having notes of "jasmine, osmanthus, and rich vanilla".  I mainly smell the vanilla which is why I am drawn to this fragrance.  However I would like to try it in person before I purchase it.  This may seem strange, but all the perfumes I own have been given to me as gifts.  Maybe this will be the first fragrance I purchase on my own. (3.4 oz $150.00/1.7 oz $100.00).

I am also looking for a new day time moisturizer and eye cream.  Any suggestions?

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  1. I really like Estee Lauder's Resilience Lift Extreme. I got it with the last "free gift with purchase" promotion but I will re-purchase when I'm done with it.