Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lord and Taylor Haul

I work near so many great stores which can be a big problem at times.  Recently I have   been going to Lord and Taylor a lot.  I went 3 times this week!  
During my 1st visit I purchased shoes.  Currently there is a promotion on women's shoes, buy 3 or more pairs get 30% off.  Of course I bought three pairs.  One pair is for Angela so I do not feel as guilty for buying so much!
Jessica Simpson- black suede wedges
Sam Edelman- grey suede heels

During my 2nd visit I bought another gift for Angela which I will not mention because she       reads my blog.  Angela's birthday is not until November but I like to shop in advance.

During my 3rd visit I went to the Chanel makeup counter.  I went in to check out their new    foundation, Perfection Lumiere.  I ended up getting my makeup done.  I have an                hour lunch break so I figured why not get a makeover.  Check out the items I picked up:
L to R
Poudre Douce 20 in Peche Tendre
Hydramax Moisturizer 
New Perfection Lumiere Foundation

I really want to go back tomorrow for more shoes! :-P

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Monday, September 12, 2011

September Birchbox 2011

Today I received my Birchbox for the month of September.  For the past few months I have contemplated canceling my subscription.  Within 10 minutes of checking out the box I gave Birchbox a call and cancelled.  To my surprise the cancellation process was simple.  I just provided the customer service representative my email address and she was able to cancel, no questions asked.  She didn't even ask my name or mailing address.  I mean anyone who knows my email could have cancelled without me knowing.  More importantly she didn't even ask me why I was canceling.  How can you improve customer service if you do not know what the customer is even thinking?!  Anyway onto the products...

Jurlique Hand Sanitizer
Very minty.  I did not like it.  After using my hands smelt like I was in a garden.

Attimo Perfume Sample by Salvatore Ferragamo
I never liked getting perfume sample from Birchbox.  Seriously I can just run into Macy*s and ask any sale associate for a sample.  This scent was nice, but not my style. 

Cheesy Bracelet
I will never wear this...not much else to say about it.

Jouer Lip Treatment
Very nice and soothing.  I will keep it in my purse.

Befine Night Cream
Left my skin feeling soft.  I am excited to try this, but realistically will forget about it and never use.

Birchbox is a nice idea, but not for me.  I would not mind spending $10 each month if I actually used the products.  Hopefully October isn't that great so I will not regret canceling! :P

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Corso Como 2 Tone Riding Boots

I few weeks ago I had a post about my fall shoe wishlist.  One pair on my the list was the  Richmond riding boot from Corso Como (pictured below).  Unfortunately sold out before I placed my order.  I was planning to order in September, but these sold out in August!  I didn't want to order fall shoes that early, it is still summer!

However I did find the following alternative boot also from Corso Como (pictured below).  This style is the St. Louie and I purchased at on a great sale ($130)!  I actually like this pair more because of the straps plus it was not as expensive as the Richmond.  It adds a little extra but it is not overbearing.  After seeing the first pair sell out I did not want to lose these also! 

Once the weather cools down I want to wear these with jeans.  I love how the black and brown is mixed.  Personally I do not like to mix the two colors on my own, but I love when designers use them together in a piece.

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