Friday, September 2, 2011

Corso Como 2 Tone Riding Boots

I few weeks ago I had a post about my fall shoe wishlist.  One pair on my the list was the  Richmond riding boot from Corso Como (pictured below).  Unfortunately sold out before I placed my order.  I was planning to order in September, but these sold out in August!  I didn't want to order fall shoes that early, it is still summer!

However I did find the following alternative boot also from Corso Como (pictured below).  This style is the St. Louie and I purchased at on a great sale ($130)!  I actually like this pair more because of the straps plus it was not as expensive as the Richmond.  It adds a little extra but it is not overbearing.  After seeing the first pair sell out I did not want to lose these also! 

Once the weather cools down I want to wear these with jeans.  I love how the black and brown is mixed.  Personally I do not like to mix the two colors on my own, but I love when designers use them together in a piece.

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