Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MAC Blush Palette

MAC offers both eyeshadows and blushes to be purchased in "pan form".  The blushes are then placed in a palette shown below.  Blush palettes hold up to 6 blushes.  I currently have 4 blushes.  This is convenient way to store makeup and save space.  A MAC palette is smaller than a DVD case.

Blushes in Palette:
Top L to R: Pink Swoon, Cubic, Springsheen
Bottom L to R: Desert Rose

Pink Swoon- The perfect pink blush, buildable color, perfect for most skin tones.  I highly recommend this color for anyone beginning to buy MAC makeup.

Cubic- A neutral color that I would classify as a pink shade.  I use this a lot as you can tell from the picture.  Great one of a kind blush.  I like wearing it in the dead of winter when I do not have a tan.

Springsheen-  An ideal summer blush with a hint of shimmer.  I think peach blushes look great on darker skin tones.  I love wearing this in the summer when I have a tan :)
Sadly I did not get a chance to use it this summer.  I found myself using MAC products from the Surf Baby collection.  I plan to use it like crazy this week!

Desert Rose- A deep rose color.  It is a nice shade for the fall.  

Swatches on arm from L to R:
Desert Rose, Pink Swoon, Cubic, Springsheen

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