Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Treats

For the past two weeks I have been on vacation!  Thought I would share some fun treats I enjoyed during my time off.

Crumbs Bake Shop Sampler Pack!  I love cupcakes and this box gives you a little taste of the best cupcakes on Crumbs' menu.  For $18 this can be a little pricey but the presentation and taste make it well worth the cost.  Whenever I bring these home the green cupcake which is mint chocolate is never eaten.  No one in my family likes that one.  

Scorpion Bowl!  Last week I went out to dinner with my old roommate from college.  We went to a hip Japanese restaurant/bar.  The picture above is the cool drink we ordered called a Scorpion Bowl.  This bowl is a mixture of all different crap :P ...I'm not even sure what exactly is in it.  I think it is basically fruit punch with five different types of liquor.  The flame in the center is fun to look at.

Even though I did not go anywhere far away I had a great time off.  Monday I return to work!

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  1. the flame in the center is 151 on fire lol the first time i got one someone convinced me to drink it not the best advice i ever followed but oh well Cute cupcakes i like the one that looks like a hostess cake