Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In and Out for November

Once again I have negated my blog :-(   As I always say I am going to try and post at least twice a week.  Maybe I will reward myself with makeup if I stay on track and update my blog.


-Chipotle!  I have been getting Chipotle for lunch about 3 times a week.  It is very addicting.  The only downside is the price.  It is expensive, but I cannot stop thinking about it.

-Scarves.  Now that weather is cooler I can breakout my scarves.  Recently I purchased this amazing cobalt blue scarf from Ann Taylor.  A typical outfit for me is a black sheath dress so this scarf adds the perfect pop of color!

-Blueberries.  I have been eating blueberries every morning.  They are so delicious and full of antioxidants.

-Upcoming holiday season.  I already made my own Christmas list and want to start shopping for my family.  This is my first holiday season not working retail so it will nice to actually want to go to a department store on the weekend since I am not there 40 hours a week.  I will actually get to enjoy the in store decorations.  I am excited to see all the windows at the NYC department stores (Saks, Lord and Taylor).

-Working in NYC.  I never really appreciated working in one the greatest cities in the world.  It is fun and there is so much to do.  Mid-November Angela and I are going to see Bayside at Irving Plaza which leads into my final IN.

-  Bayside, Killing Time Album.  It has been out since February, but I just purchased it off iTunes last week.   I have been listening to it non-stop.  If you like Bayside...check this album out it is just as good as their past work.


-Series 7 Studying.  Currently I am enrolled in a review class for the Series 7 exam and  I feel like I am back in college.  I have a lot of studying to do in the upcoming months that I am not looking forward to.

Only one OUT which is good. 

Thanks for reading,


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