Monday, March 28, 2011

Shoe Pig

For Valentine's Day my parents gave me an adorable piggy bank.  My mom purchased it at Target.  As you can see from the pictures below it is a ceramic pink pig with a black bow and the words Shoe Fund written on both sides.  I deposit any spare change or small bills into Shoe Pig.  Someday I would like to purchase the shoes below!

My dream pair of shoes would have to be a pair of classic black leather Christian Louboutin pumps.  I would like a pair similar to picture shown below.  Perfect for work!

Rolando Leather

I could buy these now, but I would rather wait and save up.  I think saving up for something expensive makes it more memorable and worth while.  Hopefully soon Shoe Pig will have enough to make this purchase!

Shoe Pig can purchased here --> Shoe Fund Piggy Bank.  I thought this was cute gift idea to share especially for a shoe lover!

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